Friday, 5 December 2014

From Caen to Kohima...

A couple of years ago I bought a copy of Warwick Kinrade's WW2 skirmish rules Normandy Firefight, and was immediately taken with the mechanisms and idea of skirmish gaming in 54mm. However, being an awkward sod I decided I didn't want to follow Warwick's lead and set my games in Normandy. Coupled with that I wanted to use the 1/32nd Airfix Multipose figures rather than the more commonly available 1/35th figures from Tamiya, Dragon, Italeri etc.

Airfix have recently reissued three of the seven sets of Multipose figures they first released when I was a teen, the British, German and US infantry sets (perfect for Normandy!), but the others can be picked up off eBay with a bit of diligent hunting and hopefully Airfix will re-release them again soon.

Initially I planned to use Tunisia or Southern Italy as the theatre or operations for my Firefight project, however a re-reading of Fergal Keane's Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944, has led me to decide to start with 1944 Burma.

Whilst I will post photos of finished miniatures up on my 'home blog', I thought it useful to have somewhere specifically dedicated to the project for detailed posts on constructing and converting miniatures, and rules amendments etc for games set around the Road of Bones...

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